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Breathwork and integrative wellness are expanding beyond the healing and spiritual traditions. BreathingPlus supports humanity in bringing conscious awareness to the body and the breath in every aspect of daily life. Breath awareness is the fastest and most accessible tool available for becoming more aware of the body, emotions and subconscious thoughts. Conscious breathing is the easiest way to leverage that new awareness in order to live with more intention in all of those areas - and to experience a different way of living.


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Words Matter!

Language & Sensory Mastery for Breathwork


Exclusive masterclass in the use of language & sensory mastery during breathwork sessions. Discover the power of language and how to use it safely and effectively for the benefit of your clients.



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Binnie A Dansby

Binne dives deep into all things genius and human potential… exploring how we can access our innate genius through the breath - not one you want to miss!

Katia Boustani

We explore the importance of utilising all of our senses when facilitating and guiding breathing sessions and experience a guided session to experience our own senses.

Gavin Andrews

We dive deep into HeartMath, the science of Coherent Breathing, and a mission to create and measure global coherence. Plus much much more.

Bruce Cryer

As one of the founding team and former CEO of HeartMath Institute, we explore creativity and how breath, movement and so much more can re-activate your personal creative genius.

Paul Hughes

As Director of Vivation International, Paul has dedicated his life to empowering people through Vivation. Since 2001, he has taught over 20,000 individuals in 37 countries. Experience a LIVE Vivation session with Paul.

Dr. Peter Litchfield

Coming soon

Breathing science. Everything you need to know about your body and your breath. We'll explore breathing habits and behaviour for a greater understanding of the difference between breathing and respiration.

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