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We all know that the simplest and most basic things in life are often the most powerful and effective. And what could be simpler and more basic than breathing and movement?

A personal note from the Founders...


We recognised that the world of breathing could be enhanced by many other modalities such as communication skills, safety through scientific knowledge, hypnosis, trancework, movement, CBT, etc. which all contribute and are integral to creating change, something that we did not see being addressed properly if at all.

In bringing together Breathing and all other related modalities, hence Plus, we aim to give all breathing practitioners, breathing enthusiasts, counsellors, therapists, medical professionals, and those seeking change, the opportunity to deepen their experience, learn, grow and share.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring awareness of the benefits of breathwork and functional, natural wellness, making it accessible to every human on the planet. We are doing this by bringing together experts in breath, wellness, and science to create exclusive content and live events, where together we'll learn how, when you change your breath, you can change your world. 

It takes a lot of people to create a movement and effect change...


Join us, and together let's move toward the change we want to see in the world. When you join BreathingPlus you become part of a growing community of individuals who choose to work collectively for positive change in the world. 

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