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So much more than just a breath festival...

The Breathing Festival Canada is a Place to Connect and Learn with Space to Integrate and Grow

Inspirational Teachers & Guides

Be inspired by dedicated and passionate teachers as you explore the science and philosophy of breathing and wellness. Your teachers and lecturers include Scientists, medical researchers, wellness experts, and philosophers. Topics include conscious connected breathing, heart rate variability (HRV), coherence, cold immersion, NLP, breathing science, and more.

Transformational Experiences

More than just experiential and transformational breathwork sessions expertly guided by some of the world’s top teachers, you'll be immersed in nature experiencing natural water bathing, cold immersion, traditional sweatlodge, ceremonial cacao, healing yoga, dance and movement, vocal therapy, live immersive music, forest walks, and fireside chats. 

Powerful Tools & Techniques

Over the course of 4-days, you'll discover, watch, and learn powerful, practical techniques and the science that supports them, that you can start using right away in your daily life to help you reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression. Plus techniques to raise low energy or mood, increase concentration, and productivity, and perform at higher levels in sports.

Panel Discussions and Q&A

Enjoy roundtable discussions with The Breathing Festival presenters & teachers addressing Breathing practices for Mind, Body & Soul.

A Mix of Live Musical Performances

Musical performances from Local & International artists add to the experience as we combine music with the breath, singing, and dancing. 

Deep Connection to Nature 

Experience the nourishing embrace of mother nature in this most beautiful of settings and rejuvenate and replenish your Mind, Body & Soul 

Meet the Speakers

Fill each experience-packed day with...

Yoga & Healing Mudras 

Bring flow, energy, and healing into each day

Developing Sensory Mastery

To support your connection to self, and the world around you

Becoming Aware of Your Breath

Allowing you to take control of your life at any given moment

A Traditional Sweatlodge 

To release cleanse and purify the body, mind & soul.

A Sound & Vocal Healing Journey

Learn to use the power of your voice to transform and grow

Conscious Connected Breath

Bring you fully into your body, to release, heal, and grow

Healing Cacao Ceremony 

Harness the restorative and heart-opening power of cacao.

Exposure to Cold Water Immersion

To breakthrough, support, and stimulate your nervous system.

Conscious Sharing Circles

To integrate and embody each experience.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Practices to support your mental wellbeing

Essential NLP  Skills

Your words matter - learn to use use them powerfully. 

Functional Breathing Skills 

Transform respiratory health & performance.

Heart Coherence Breathing

Regulate your nervous system, to bring calm all around you.

Unlocking Creative Genius

Tap into your creativity through movement, and breath.

Music and Ecstatic Dance

To celebrate our time and connection together in nature. 

Enjoy the Power of Nature

Honey-tasting, wild forest walks, natural swimming, and more!

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