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Feel all emotions

breathe emotions feeling growth transformation wisdom Jan 01, 2023

Access your inner wisdom and ignite your own genius.

We all have access to deep wisdom beyond the intelligence of our mind and we all have a unique genius waiting within to be uncovered.

Feel all emotions.

Emotions are energy in motion. when fully felt, most emotions will move through our nervous system within just minutes. look at babies, they can laugh, scream, cry and throw a tantrum all within ten minutes! we learn later to suppress and only express ‘allowed’ emotions.

What we overlook is that by suppressing some emotions we suppress all emotions. they are not a picking list. you can’t just have more joy and love and contentment. to live a full life we need to learn to expand our emotional bandwidth and capacity to feel.

A great question to start asking is ‘what emotions am I avoiding? What do I not allow myself to feel?’

Science now tells us that suppression leads to depression and it’s no wonder millions of people around the world (especially men) are suffering from the inability to feel or show emotions.

Become aware of your emotions and what triggers them. ask what else happens when those emotions are triggered, do you feel them in certain parts of your body, and if so, which? what does the specific emotion want to ‘say’ to you? your body intelligence is the unconscious mind. it holds wisdom and messages for you and your personal growth and healing.

We all have learned from early childhood, aggravated by religion and social conditioning, to suppress and to avoid feeling certain emotions like shame, anger, grief, helplessness, humiliation, terror, condemnation,... well reading this list I’m sure you’re starting to choke up a little. it’s not your fault - we’ve all been conditioned to feel that way.

By not being aware of or understanding our emotions and what triggers them we allow them to subconsciously trigger our thoughts, throwing us into habitual patterns. keeping us from our inner wisdom and genius.

#action: The breath is a great way to connect back to your body and to your feelings! Observe your emotions. invite all of them, and breathe.





* These words are part of a collaboration titled ‘10-ways to access your inner wisdom and ignite your own genius’ created by Pete Craig and Daniel Wagner

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